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  • Interest Rate
    A fixed percentage is charged. Repayment is computed on a monthly basis
  • Loan Maturity
    Loan terms are matched to the asset financed but not to exceed 10 years.
  • Loan Limits
    Maximum $30,000 Minimum $5,000
  • General Credit Requirements
    A loan applicant must: Show evidence of experience and knowledge to operate the business successfully Provide a minimum equity injection. Show that the proposed loan is secured by sufficient collateral to ensure repayment. Create or retain a minimum of one job for every $30,000 borrowed Not be delinquent to any taxing authority or agency thereof.
  • Businesses Eligible for Loan Assistance
    Light Manufacturing Service Oriented Wholesale Retail Construction
  • Businesses Ineligible for Assistance
    Bars Lounges Apartments Seasonal Enterprises Financial Institutions
  • Size Standard
    Net worth of business may not exceed $3million Net profit after taxes must average less than $1 million during the prior two years Must not employ more than 100 people
  • Legal Structure
    May be a corporation Partnership Proprietorship Joint Venture Cooperative Franchise
  • Location
    Business must be located within the Lafayette Consolidated Government Jurisdiction
  • Application Fee
    There is a non-refundable application fee of $25.00 that must be submitted with the loan application
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