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ABOUT Lafayette Neighborhoods' Economic Development Corporation (LNEDC)


Our mission is to uplift the economic status, educational opportunities, and social conditions for residents of low to moderate income communities in Lafayette Parish.

Founded in 1982, the Lafayette Neighborhoods' Economic Development Corporation (LNEDC) is a non-profit organization deeply rooted in the community of Lafayette Parish. Our mission is to bolster the economic prosperity of our community.

Our initiatives are made possible through the combined financial backing of the Lafayette City Parish Consolidated Government, the Department of Community Development, and the Block Grant Program of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. These partnerships have allowed us to establish a Loan Fund, dedicated to providing financial aid to budding and growing businesses within Lafayette Parish.

The aim of this assistance goes beyond business growth. It seeks to enhance job prospects and skill development for residents, foster the physical development of our neighborhoods, and augment the overall income of the community. In doing so, we also broaden the local tax base, enabling the local government to deliver crucial services more effectively, and stimulate the leverage of private capital investment.

Any projects financed through the LNEDC are obligated to prioritize low and moderate-income individuals when filling new job positions. This ensures that the benefits of our efforts are directly channeled to those who need it most.

Board of Directors

Welcome to our Board of Directors page! This is where we introduce the dedicated individuals who steer our organization toward a thriving future. Our Board of Directors is composed of a diverse group of leaders whose wisdom, experience, and commitment to our mission are crucial in guiding our strategic vision. They represent a broad range of industries and backgrounds, offering the robust perspective necessary for our organization's dynamic growth.

Each board member brings a unique set of skills, expertise, and insight to the table. Their collective experience spans across various sectors such as technology, finance, marketing, law, and many more. They leverage this experience to provide governance, oversight, and direction for our organization. They share a common commitment to good governance, ethical conduct, and a passion for our cause. They are responsible for setting our strategic direction, ensuring we're achieving our goals, and maintaining the highest standards of accountability.


We are deeply grateful for their unwavering dedication, their invaluable guidance, and the time and energy they devote to ensuring our organization's success. We invite you to learn more about these extraordinary individuals below.

Please note that our Board members serve voluntarily and receive no compensation for their service. They dedicate their time and resources to our organization because they believe in our mission and our potential to create a significant, positive impact.

We hope you enjoy getting to know them!

JMW 2023-4388.jpg


Regis Allison

JMW 2023-4369.jpg

Assistant Program Coordinator

Anthony Branham

JMW 2023-4399_edited.jpg


Russell Castille

JMW 2023-4420.jpg

Board Member

Chardell Mouton


Board Member

Shamona Dean

JMW 2023-4364.jpg

Executive Director

Nathan J. Thornton, Jr.

JMW 2023-5401_edited.jpg


Yvette Bernard

JMW 2023-4412.jpg

Board Member

Charles Goodie


Board Member

Corey Chapman

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